Tuition is $100 per month.
The first month's tuition is due prior to the first day of class, usually at the orientation which is held the week before .

Thereafter, tuition will be due on the last preschool day of the month.  (For example, tuition for October will be due on Thurs, Sept 26, and November's tuition will be due on Thurs, Oct 31, and so on).  I will note it on the calendar each month. 

If tuition is late, I will assume that you no longer want your child enrolled unless we have made other arrangements.  I have found over the years that grace periods and late fees do not work.  I am not a bill collector.  Please budget accordingly.  Just as you look forward to your paydays, so do I.  Please do not ask me to hold or post date checks.  I love what I do, but the reason I operate this preschool is so that I can contribute to the family budget.  

Please make checks payable to Lissa Rogers.
If paying with cash, please put it in an envelope and clearly mark it with your child's name.  Please make sure an adult, not a child, gives me tuition. 

I have averaged out tuition over the course of the school year to be the same amount each month.  This avoids the confusion of adjusting rates for shorter and longer months. 

There will be no refunds due to absence.

revised 03/03/2011