Getting to Know Mrs. Rogers

 Welcome to preschool!  I want to introduce myself---my name is Lissa (pronounced Lisa) and I want the parents to PLEASE use my first name.  Over the years the students have called me everything from Mr. Rogers to Sister Rogers to just Rogers.  Sometimes they even call me Grandma or Mommy.  I want the children to call me Mrs. Rogers while we are at preschool. 

This is my 20th year of preschool.  I volunteered in all my children’s preschool and elementary school classes, and when the youngest went off to kindergarten I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.  This has been a good fit and given me little friends to read stories to while I helped the family budget.  It’s been the perfect, part-time job and I’ve made life-long friendships.

After 30 years in Moreno Valley, we moved to Lake Elsinore in January 2011.  I graduated from North High School in Riverside, but I grew up all over the state of California.  I’ve been married to my husband Craig for 37 years.  He is a foreman lineman for the City of Riverside’s Public Utilities Department and he is looking forward to retiring next summer.  We are hoping to move to the Boise area. We have 5 children and 9 grandchildren with one on the way.  To learn more about our family you can check out our blog at  It is cheesy and filled with pictures of my darling children and grandchildren. 

Ben, our oldest is 36, an Army officer at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  He and his wife Jamie have a darling girl and boy, and they are just much too faraway!

Rebecca, our oldest daughter is 34.  She and her husband Mark  have 3 wonderful little girls and they live in Star, Idaho, which is just outside of Boise.

Melissa, our second daughter, is 31.  We love living just 2 houses down from her!  It has been a joy to be so near to her and Greg and their 3 adorable, busy boys. Austin will be in class this year!

Nick, our second son, is 29. He and his wife Renee also live in Star, Idaho.  They have a darling 18-month old daughter.

Josh, our baby, is 25. He is in the Army learning Persian Farsi at the Presidio of Monterey until next May, so he can be a Cryptological  Linguist where he will serve in Military Intelligence. He and his wife, Krista, are expecting their first baby and our tenth grandchild in March!

My very favorite thing of all is spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren.  They are truly the light and loves of my life.  I love to quilt, read and scrapbook.  I adore James Taylor, Classic Rock, Fox News, "Glee" (most of the time), “Castle”, “So You Think You Can Dance” and Disneyland.  I am hooked on Pinterest!  We are also big fans of “Psych”, and “Modern Family”.  I am a huge NBA fan, and my favorite team is the Utah Jazz OR any team who happens to be playing against the purple and gold team from LA. 
DISCLAIMER:  I have two bad habits that may rub off on your children.  I love to dunk cookies in milk and I make my lower case “a’s” incorrectly.  Be patient with me, and in a few weeks I’ll have it under control, although occasionally I will probably slip up!  Thanks for your patience and for sharing your sweet little ones with me --- it will be a fun year!

August 2012