9:00-9:30      Play time
9:30-9:40      Clean up time
9:40-10:10     Circle time-pledge, calendar, fingerplays, songs
10:10-10:40   Project time
10:40-11:00   Bathroom time and book time 
11:00-11:30    Snack and Recess
11:30-12:00    Story time and quiet group activity

This schedule fluctuates a bit depending on our activities, mood, weather, etc.  My philosophy is that "PLAY IS A CHILD'S WORK".  Occasionally we will have a "goof off day" when the children are playing so well, we don't have much time for work!

Our preschool day begins at 9:00 and ends at 12:00.  I will open the blinds about 5-10 minutes prior to class.  When the blinds are open I am in the classroom and you are welcome to escort your child into the classroom and make eye contact with me.  Please come right in and don't worry about knocking. 

Please be prompt at pick up time. I would rather not charge late fees. Let's work together and be considerate of one another.   I do not answer the phone during preschool hours, so if you have an emergency, please make arrangements for your child to be picked up on time.  That is one of the reasons that emergency contacts are listed on the registration form.

Students must be 100% potty trained and be able to independently use the bathroom and dress themselves.  Belts, overalls, and one-piece outfits are adorable, but can frustrate a child that is in a hurry!  If students cannot snap their pants, perhaps an elastic waist band would be an easier choice.  Please do not send a change of clothes for accidents.  For everyone's health an safety here at preschool, please be mindful of these issues. 

Please make sure your child uses the bathroom before leaving home.  We have bathroom time about 10:30, but they are permitted to use the bathroom at any time. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WHEN THEY ARE FATIGUED OR SHOW SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS!  Children recovery quickly, and I know they hate to miss school, but please keep them home 24 HOURS following vomiting, diarrhea, or an above normal temperature.

If your child seems overly tired or has symptoms of illness or fatigue during class, I will call you and ask you to come pick up your child.  This includes excessive coughing and gooey, runny, green noses.  Students are responsible for covering their mouths while coughing as well as wiping their noses.  If your child has been exposed to a communicable disease, please inform me so that I can notify the other families.

Please do not hesitate to keep your student at home when they are ill.  Not only do they put the other students and their families at risk, but I am also susceptible.  When I am sick, it is challenging to carry on a class.  Please be considerate.  I will strictly enforce this policy.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes that they can play in and not worry if they get dirty. It is best if your child wears athletic shoes and socks so they can run and play comfortably.  I am especially concerned about girls wearing platforms and shoes with heels.  Flip-flops and rain boots are not safe for running.

Please do not send a backpack to school with your child.  They will not need one.  It is a huge hassle for me to help 8 children get in and out of backpacks.  Even worse is the things that get smuggled in and out.  I know backpacks are a fun, fashion statement, but please don't send them.  That will be something fun to look forward to in Kindergarten.

Our routine changes a bit on rainy days, or if the weather is very hot or very cold. We cannot have snack and recess outdoors, so we usually have snack in the house picnic style while we watch a video.  

If your student is the helper that day, feel free to send a video for us to watch at snack time. 

Due to the space limitations in our classroom, there is not room for umbrellas, rain gear or other accessories.