When your child's name is on the calendar, they will be my special helper for the day.  That is the day they will bring snack and an item to share ( They will bring home the Snack Basket and The Adventure Bag the day before).  This is a special time for them to help me take roll, hold the flag for the pledge, do the calendar, do the weather report and be the line leader. When they are the helper it is their day to "go first" or have the "first choice".  It is a big deal to the children to have their turn as helper. 

Please help your child choose one time from home to share, such as a favorite toy, book, or something interesting.  PLEASE LIMIT THEM TO ONLY ONE ITEM and not the entire collection or backpack full of their treasures!  They will tell the class about their sharing and then pass it around so everyone can hold it and look at it. 

Each month your child will bring home the snack basket and in it will be a fabric bag.  This is the Adventure Bag and in it you will find a book and a stuffed toy.  You can read the book to your child while your child cuddles with toy during the story.  Send the bag back to school along with the snack basket, so that the next child can enjoy it. 

Please do not put sharing in the Adventure Bag.

It is my intention to have the birthday child be my helper on or before their big day.  If I overlook your child on the printed calendar, please call it to my attention and we can easily trade days with another student. 

If you would like to bring special birthday treats for snack that day it makes it even more special for your child.  If you would like to pass out birthday invitations, please include every child in class or contact the parents privately.  A class roster will be provided. 

revised 03/03/2011