December Songs & Fingerplays

The  Nativity Song
 These are the stars shining so bright,
Lighting the world on that first Christmas night.

This is the angel proclaiming the birth,
Singing, “Hosanna!” and “Peace on the earth!”

This is the stable - shelter so bare:
Cattle and oxen first welcomed Christ there.

This is the manger – sweet hay for a bed –
Waiting for Jesus to cradle His head.

These are the shepherds, humble and mild,
Hast’ning to worship the newborn Christ Child.

These are the wise men who followed the star,
With frankincense, gold, and myrrh brought from afar.

See the sweet mother, Mary so fair,
And Joseph, guiding the donkey with care.

See the dear Baby of Bethlehem,
Little Lord Jesus, The Savior of men.

By Avon Allen Compton and Pat Kelsey Graham
Friend, December 1980

Three Great Kings
 Three  great kings on a cold winter’s night
(hold up three fingers; hug self, shivering)
Found the baby Jesus, guided by the light.
        (rock arms; point to sky)
The first king said, “We’ve come so far.”
        (hold up 1 finer: arms out to sides)
The second king said, “We followed the star.”
        (hold up 2 fingers; point to sky)
The third king said, “Great gifts we bring.”
        (hold up 3 fingers; extend hands out in front)
Together they said, “Great praises we sing.”
        (hold up 3 fingers; hands around mouth)
Then they knelt and prayed and bowed their heads
        (hands in praying position, bow head)
And worshipped baby Jesus in His manger bed.
        (cradle arms as if rocking baby)

        By Pam Beall, Wee Sing Christmas

(to"Itsy Bitsy Spider")

The itsy bitsy shepherd went up to Bethlehem.
(walk two fingers up your arm)

Down came the starlight to lead him to the inn.
(start above head and wiggle fingers down)

Out came the sunshine to start a brand new day.
(join hands, with arms raised over head)

And the itsy bitsy shepherd saw Jesus on the hay.
(cradle arms as if rocking a baby)

The Chimney
Here is the chimney,
        (make a fist)
Here is the top,
        (other hand over fist)
Open the lid,
        (remove hand)
Out Santa will pop!
        (pop up thumb)

When Santa Comes
When Santa comes to our house
        (hands form pointed roof)
I would like to peek,
        (peek through fingers)
But I know he’ll never come
        (shake head and finger no)
Until I’m fast asleep.
        (rest head on hands)

Call Rudolph!
Eight little reindeer pulling Santa’s sled;
        (hold up  8 fingers)
One fell down and bumped his head.
        (bump hand to forehead)
The elves called Santa and Santa said,
        (hold hand up to ear like a phone)
“Can seven little reinder pull my sled?”
        (hold both hands up)

Seven little reindeer. . .
Six little reindeer. . .
Five little reindeer. . .
Four little reindeer. . .
Three little reindeer. . .
Two little reindeer. . .

One little reindeer pulling Santa’s sled:
He fell down and bumped his head.
The elves called Santa and Santa said,
(cup hands around mouth)

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Rudolph! Rudolph!
What will you do?
You can't guide Santa
If your nose is blue!

Rudolph, Rudolph,
You’re such a silly fellow!
Who will know it’s you
If your nose is yellow!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Your way cannot be seen
Through the wintry weather
If your nose is green!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Santa gave a wink.
But what will Santa think
If your nose is pink!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
It’s time to fly at night.
But you’re quite a sight
Cause your nose is white!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
It’s time to go to town.
But Santa’s wearing a frown
Cause your nose is brown!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
Santa has his sack.
But you’re not ready
If your nose is black!

Rudolph! Rudolph!
The children are in bed.
And now I know you’re ready
Cause your nose is red

Three Little Christmas Trees
Three  little Christmas trees standing all alone,
        (hold up 3 fingers)
Their hearts were very sad
        (hand over heart, sad face)
’cause they hadn’t found a home.
        (hands form pointed roof)
Then “Chop” went the ax,
        (right hand chop left forearm)
and down fell a tree.
        (left forearm falls)
And away it went with a happy family.
        (bounce pointer finger from left to right)

Two little . . .
One little . . .

No little Christmas trees standing all alone,
        (make a zero with thumb and finger)
Now their hearts were happy
        (hand over heart)
‘Cause they all had found a home.
        (hands form pointed roof)